I am a grown adult so there's a coming of age where you no longer have a list you dole out to friends and family because you can just get gifts for yourself for your birthday. I am pretty easy to please so my list of things I want for my birthday are generally fairly short and more focused on experiences and making memories with my loved ones. So when I was thinking of something I'd like for my birthday, it just so happened that a friend posted on Facebook about her new Apple Watch Series 2. I had always wanted a FitBit. I decided to check out the Apple Watch. It was sleek, waterproof (win/win at the pool this summer) and it gives achievement badges when you accomplish exercises or activities! I need badges! Exactly what I needed to get my butt out of the chair. I also liked the fact that it would pair with my iPhone and remind me of meetings and my kids/mine precarious busy schedules, receive texts and essentially keep me on task.

Here are five reasons why I love my Apple Watch and its the best birthday present ever:


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    Pick a workout

    The Apple Watch lets you pick a workout to track. Between an outdoor run or stair steppers indoors, the skies the limit to get up and moving..

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    Measure your heart rate

    One of the coolest features is that the Apple Watch can measure your heart rate. It takes it automatically or it can measure it for you on demand.

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    Take a moment to breathe

    A reminder pops up to remind you to take a breathing exercise. If you suffer from anxiety, this is a great app to take a moment and center yourself.

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    Never miss a meeting or reminder

    I love this feature. Between two jobs, college full-time and kids/my extracurricular schedule this keeps me on task. Reminders pop up and vibrate your wrist so you don't miss a moment.

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    Never get lost

    A built-in GPS never lets you get lost and tracks your workouts too if you are out and about!

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