If you attended the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus you probably already know all about this shoe tree!

The Washington Avenue Bridge connects the East and West bank of the campus and that's where this shoe tree can be found. I've walked over the bridge once (I didn't go to school there) and I'm amazed I didn't notice this!

The tree has probably hundreds of shoes dangling from it and Erik Moore, U of M archivist, tells WCCO that he thinks the tradition started over a half century ago and that if you take a pair of shoes off of the tree it "would be like taking pennies out of a wishing well."

The interesting part is that people aren't 100% sure what the tradition of throwing your shoes in this tree really is. Many believe that you throw your favorite pair of shoes in the tree and if they land on the tree you'll pass your midterms and finals and if the shoes fall you'll fail. Others think it's a tradition seniors do before they graduate.

Whatever the reason for the tradition, this shoe tree is really cool! You can check it out on WCCO's website.

I guess the next time I cross the Washington Avenue Bridge I need to keep my eyes open!


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