Mikala Hora, Unit Director, and Chad Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, of the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester say they are temporarily closing because two staff members showed symptoms of COVID-19 over the holiday weekend.

A message posted to the Club's Facebook page says, "We are collaborating with the appropriate public health officials and adhering to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations to privately inform anyone determined to have been in close contact with these individuals. We are also in ongoing communication with these individuals, who are following strict medical guidelines and will remain in quarantine as recommended by doctors"

The social media post said the Club will be closed, as a precautionary measure, on Monday and Tuesday (July 6-7). The two staffers haven't received the results of their COVID-19 test yet. The Boys and Girls Club says that if either tests positive, "all parents and staff will be notified immediately, and further guidance will be offered."

Meanwhile, a popular downtown Rochester restaurant and bar has closed due to COVID-19 concerns. Dooley's Pub and Grill shared the news over the weekend - read their statement here.


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