Is nothing sacred anymore?

It seems like every one and everything has been touched by the pumpkin spice bug. It's a disease that needs to be stopped. I'm OK with it invading certain foods like cereal and/or popping up in craft beers from time to time. I'll even chuckle and roll my eyes when I see it creep into cough drops. I was slightly annoyed with Starbucks selling it in late August, but OK, you do you coffee giant.

But now that I've read this "virus" has spread within my favorite wing restaurant? Oh hell no! Get the eff out of here with this nonsense:

Have we finally reached pumpkin spice overkill? I think so.

According to the company website, “It’s fall’s favorite flavor. Ale mixes with BBQ flavors and pumpkin spice for a taste of the season.” Yes, because when you think of pumpkin, chicken's the first pairing that comes to mind... Not.

But really... pumpkin spice is fall's favorite flavor? I would argue it's apple cider, but that's just me! That's not to suggest an "apple cider sauce" would sell better, but if you steal my idea, I want royalties BWW's!

Anyways, can we just pump the brakes on everything pumpkin spice please?

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