Early last week I asked you to submit stories about your rescue pet and wow do you all had some great stories to share about your pets! I read through them all and it was so hard to pick one Rescue Pet of the Month because every story is so unique. So I picked a few that were my favorites and featuring them as our Rescue Pets of the Month! You can find their pictures in the Facebook post linked below.

Angela Doring's story about her dog Ryder:

This is Ryder, when we were looking to add a fur baby to our home we found his litter at the Coon Rapids Humane Society. We went to look at the pups and learned he was a transfer from the south by a lady who surrendered them because of to many to handle as it said. The fun part of our story is when we saw him we knew he was the one, he came straight to us with that goofy smile. But we then found out he was already on hold and we couldn't get him, so we choose to go with his available brother who was just as adorable but didn't have the same instant connection. Well as we sat filling out paperwork we hear the lady at the desk repeat back that the caller "would like to remove the hold on champ (which was the pup we connected with and his shelter name)" as you can imagine our excitement and he is now our special boy. I do wonder from time to time if his of brother we passed up for him and hope he found a loving hime too!!

Amanda Johnson's story about her cat Hemi:

I rescued and tamed this little guy about a month ago now. He was a stray that my Dad found living in an old and abandoned car. I spent 2 and 1/2 hours trying to get close to him, and eventually caught him. Started feeding him and immediately he began to purr and loved the attention and pets. We named him Hemi because he has the biggest “motor” I’ve ever heard from a kitten.
He now lives with us in his forever home and has acclimated quite well

Amanda Peterson's story about her dog Stan:

I bought Stan on a Facebook group in February. He had a nasty deep chin infection, no vet work done, no socialization, wasn’t potty trained, and didn’t know 1 command.

He was about 7 months old and a holy terror! 8 months later he is now training for service dog work and is a big cuddle pup! He knows lots of commands and is house trained!

His favorite place to go is Target when he’s all vested up! He’s helping me shop for sunglasses in this pic!


Check out pictures of the featured pets and all of the incredible stories that were shared here:

If you want a pet of your own, remember: adopt don't shop! You can rescue an animal from these animal rescues and many more:


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