I know way too many women lately that have experienced a breast cancer diagnosis. Recently a friend gave me some great info and a website that I wanted to share with all of you. I know Breast Cancer awareness is in October but lets have some awareness right now, every day. Keeping tabs on your boobs and being observant saves lives. The website my friend shared is awesome and easy to understand so we can all be vigilant on catching anything potentially cancerous early. They use lemons to show you what some breast cancer symptoms could look or feel like. Ready? Here goes!

This image shows examples of what the breast may look or feel like:

This image shows you how to do a self exam and what to look and feel for:

This image shows when you need to call the doc:

You can go to this website and get more info on #knowyourlemons with easy to navigate and understand how to catch breast cancer symptoms: https://www.worldwidebreastcancer.org/

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