Just when you thought Chipotle couldn't get any better...

Chipotle's test restaurant in New York City is now offering queso dip AND frozen margaritas!

Why did this take so long?!?!? The company says if the new menu items are a hit - umm yeah they're going to be a hit - they'll add them to additional stores around the country.



Did you know the quietest place on the entire planet is a short drive from Rochester?

Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis was highlighted by the Guiness Book of World Records for it’s anechoic chamber. Slate explains the noise level plummets to negative 9 decibels when the vault door is closed — quiet bedrooms and libraries are around 30 decibels.  There’s absolutely no outside sound, so the only sound you hear is the noise made by your body.  The silence is maddening for most people.

Learn more about the quietest place on earth, here. 

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