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Chuck E. Cheese has misled some Minnesota customers on GrubHub. Some customers have ordered from a place called Pasqually's Pizza and Wings thinking they're supporting a local business when really it's just Chuck E. Cheese operating under a different name. And this isn't only happening to customers in Minnesota, it's around the country.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this was, that name is just a little too similar to Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria for my liking. However, Chuck E. Cheese says that this different name they're operating under is named after one of the Chuck E. Cheese characters. Pasqually is the Italian chef and also the drummer in the band.

CEC Entertainment Inc. is the owner of Chuck E. Cheese (and now Pasqually's Pizza and Wings) and made a statement to Food & Wine. In their statement, they said that Pasqually's offers a "premium pizza" to their customers. They share a kitchen with Chuck E. Cheese, the same "high-quality, fresh ingredients" and "fresh, homemade pizza dough" but Pasqually's pizza has "a thicker crust and extra sauce."

I did a search on GrubHub to see if Chuck E. Cheese or Pasqually's pops up in Rochester but neither do. Then I did a search for both in Burnsville and guess what pops up: both Chuck E. Cheese and Pasqually's under the same address!

Grub Hub: Pasqually's Pizza & Wings / Chuck E. Cheese
Grub Hub: Pasqually's Pizza & Wings / Chuck E. Cheese

It's really interesting looking at these prices because they're not skewed the way I thought they would be. I thought for sure Pasqually's would be more expensive, but no! For example, a large pizza on the Chuck E. Cheese menu starts at $17.99 but a large pizza on the Pasqually's menu starts at $10. What? And the wings are more expensive on the Chuck E. Cheese menu too! The wings on the Pasqually's menu says it serves 2 and starts at $5. The size that serves 2 on the Chuck E. Cheese menu starts at $11.99! I'm so confused.

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