JUST ANNOUNCED: bacteria levels at Cascade Lake Beach in Rochester, Minnesota are at elevated levels and the lake has been closed for your safety.


According to a press release that was just released by the Parks & Recreation Department with the City of Rochester, water samples were recently taken at Cascade Lake and due to an elevation of E. Coli, the lake has been closed.  You can read the statement below:

The Parks & Recreation Department has been testing the water at Cascade Lake and the bacteria levels were elevated. With the health and safety of all park users in mind, Parks & Recreation has voluntarily closed the beach until test results return to an acceptable level.

The Parks & Recreation department, in partnership with Olmsted County Public Health take regular water samples for testing at the City beaches.  There is always bacteria present in natural bodies of water.  The tracking is done to determine if numbers elevate above standard levels.

The specific bacteria that was showing elevation was E. Coli.  Excessive rainfall, extreme heat in shallow bodies of water, which Cascade Lake is relatively shallow, and wildlife can all be common causes for bacteria levels to increase.

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Stay up to date when this reopens at the City website.

“We take seriously our role in ensuring our parks and recreation facilities are safe for our residents and visitors.  As such, we have been taking the needed steps as the bacteria levels have been monitored.  We will provide an updated communication to the community when levels return to state where we can safely open the beach and lake.” - Paul Wildman, Parks & Recreation Director

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