A popular bakery in Southeast Minnesota announced recently on Facebook that they are "closed indefinitely".

Rainy Days and Mondays, a bakery and pizza shop located in Spring Valley, Minnesota, shared on July 3rd the sad announcement that their location would be closed indefinitely.

Our sincerest apologies to those who stopped out this morning. Rainy days and Mondays will be closed indefinitely. Thank you for your patronage. - Rainy Days and Mondays Sour Dough Baking Company, Pantry and PIZZA Facebook Page

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Other Businesses in the Rochester, Minnesota area that have closed in 2021

Although we aren't seeing the huge rush of store closings that we experienced in 2020 after COVID hit, the financial impact of the pandemic

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Check out these businesses that are new to the Rochester, Minnesota area!

Just in case you've missed the big announcements, quite a few businesses have announced this year their plans to open up in our area, including the following:

List of places around Rochester, Minnesota that closed in 2020

Supporting local was a huge push in 2020 but unfortunately, many businesses in the Rochester, Minnesota area couldn't make it through the pandemic and had to close their doors forever.  Scroll through the list below and let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - which one you miss the most.

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