We've had a pretty awesome year when it comes to incredible events in our skies. First, we had the solar eclipse. Then the Northern Lights swept across the skies of Minnesota.

Now we may be in for yet another treat in our skies! Whether you're a space nerd or you just like to appreciate the beauty of it all, this is a pretty cool year.

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When Will the Next Solar Eclipse Happen?

We got to witness a partial solar eclipse in Minnesota this April, as long as it wasn't cloudy where you were. Unfortunately, if you missed it, that won't happen again for a while.

The next time we'll see a solar eclipse in the US won't be until August 23rd, 2044, according to NASA.

Annular Solar Eclipse Observed In Japan
Masashi Hara, Getty Images

When Will We Be Able to See the Northern Lights Again?

What about the Northern Lights? When can we see those again? As Newsweek writes, it's hard to predict that. We know that it'll happen again, but we don't know exactly when or how far south we'll be able to see it.


This is all the more reason to keep your eyes peeled for this next space phenomenon that could be hitting our skies later this year! You never know when it'll happen again.

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Bright Comet Might be Able to be Seen by the Naked Eye

This next phenomenon is a comet so bright we'd be able to see it with the naked eye. Now that's pretty cool!

Justin Wolff, Unsplash
Justin Wolff, Unsplash

The comment was originally discovered in February of 2023, according to Sky and Telescope, so it's been flying around us for a while. But based on what scientists have been observing, there's a chance we may be able to see it pretty clearly this fall.

In an article from Space, they write that this comet could get very bright and "could develop a notable tail that could make for an eye-catching sight in the western evening sky during mid-October 2024." The western sky means us!

Of course, they're also saying that things could change and this comet could become not visible this fall, but here's hoping that doesn't happen.

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