Whether it's cash, trips, tickets, or gift cards we're always giving listeners the chance to win great prizes through our app. If you got a new phone for Christmas make sure to download our app so you can get in on the winning too.

Congrats to these listeners that won gift cards in 2019:

$150 Cabela's Gift Card -Darrell Timmerman
$150 Best Buy Gift Card -Mason Friedel
$100 Netflix Gift Card -Tom Frey
$150 Target Gift Card -Lauri Kovacs
$150 Visa Gift Card -H, "Joy" Neuhaus
$200 Amazon Gift Card -Jennifer Myers
$200 Walmart Gift Card -Michelle Kahuhu
$150 Disney Gift Card -Megan Schuldt
$100 Best Buy Gift Card -Judith Marquis
$120 Hello Fresh Gift Card -Angie Kullot
$200 Pier 1 Gift Card -Ali Iverson
$150 Cabela's Gift Card -Anthony Barrett

And, congrats to all of the listeners that won cash with the Pepsi Zero Sugar Jackpot and Dunken & Samm's Stash. We're going all out in 2020 with even bigger prizes so make sure to download our app now to play along!

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