Like it or not, it's back for another round.

Back in August, we got wind of a new beer that was causing quite the buzz... and no, we don't mean from the strength of it's alcohol content either.

Known locally for it's beers and wood-fired pizzas, Forager Brewery in Rochester broke the news of their newest beer concoction that they would be releasing to the public for their 2nd Anniversay... and then went as far to name it after the commander and chief in our nations capital.

Cleverly named "Impeach Me", it's described as "a sour, Cheeto-colored peach beer dedicated to Donald J. Trump."

Yep, they went there.

Like most political statements these days, you could say there were some mixed reactions. Soon after the release, Forager made the national news on MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews.

Well in case you didn't get around to trying it the first time around, they're making it available again:

If you'd like to take a few of these crowlers home with you, they are putting a 6 can limit on all purchases. Drink a part of history and please enjoy responsibly...

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