I am very disappointed that ever since I got my Costco membership I still haven't had the infamous free samples that everyone always talks about. I can't wait for Costco to bring those free samples back.

Well, we have some good news.

According to USA Today, Costco’s free samples are making a comeback now that life is going back to normal after this global pandemic. It was also stated that Costco is looking to have the food court seating area available for shoppers to use as well.

We learned from USA Today that Costco made it known that out of the 550 stores close to 200 Costco stores will be bringing back free samples and food court seating as early as the first week of June. When you think about it, that is next week. So we’re super close!

This is exciting because the only thing that I have been able to try at the Costco that I normally go to was lotion. Really, who wants to try lotion? We are here for the food samples, not lotion samples. The executive vice president at Costco told USA Today that "the retailer will introduce full sampling in phases."

When it comes to the food court area, it was mentioned on USA Today that the tables will have a max seating of 4 people per table. When the food court opens it will only have "about half the seating capacity as it was before the pandemic."

No mask mandates and free food samples coming back is such amazing news.

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