Many large events have been postponed or canceled due to Coronavirus (COIVD-19). Could the Minnesota State Fair be the next big event canceled? Those that know me know I LOVE the Great Minnesota Get Together so I'm really hoping it doesn't get canceled! Good news for fellow State Fair lovers, Governor Walz says he's not making a call on that yet because it's too early to know what will happen.

In Walz's press conference earlier this week, he revealed model data estimating when we will hit the peak of infections in Minnesota. With the 'Stay at Home' order, social distancing, and other factors taken into account, the model shows that we will most likely hit peak after 150 days.

For reference, today (Friday, March 27th) is day 6. This means that day 150 will be August 18th. The Minnesota State Fair is set to begin on August 27th. It's cutting it pretty close.

Bring Me the News reports that Governor Walz said,

"Our hope would be that we're seeing the turn, but we're going to have to make those decisions based on the situation. We can't allow dates to drive us, we're going to have to allow outcomes of this and work that we've done will change that. At this point in time we have not given that any thought. It would be my hope that by the time we get to that point we've got a handle on this thing."

I'm hoping for the same thing! Let's make sure to stay inside, continue to social distance so we can have a good ole time at the Minnesota State Fair in August!

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