You could avoid the crazy lines and crowds at the mall, stay at home, and video chat with Santa instead! I had no idea that video chatting with Santa was even an option! But does that compare to going to see Santa at the mall?

I found a website called Video Chat With Santa where you can schedule an appointment to video chat with Santa. Their website says that you don't need video chat software, you can log into the Santa Cam "to see Santa as you talk one on one." At the time of your scheduled appointment, Santa will call you on a cell phone! Each call is about 5 minutes.

You don't have to gather everyone and get to the mall to see Santa, you can now hang out on your couch, maybe have the kids dressed in cute Christmas PJs to see Santa! But does that compare to your kids actually sitting on mall Santa's lap and telling him what they want for Christmas? I'm not sure, I'm kind of torn on what I would do if I had kids. Video chatting would save a lot of time and hassle but it's just not the same as actually sitting on his lap.

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