I was shocked at the amount of "creepshots" that are swarming the internet, specifically on Tumblr. They are close-up, revealing images usually of women or sometimes children, typically taken in public without their consent. They aren't necessarily pornographic in nature but are taken to be sexually suggestive.  CREEPY!

"What could look like a person just walking with a cell phone in their hand or standing next to you at a register, they could be capturing images," said Captain Dan Bianconi with the Dakota County Sheriff's Office.

In one case in particular, according to court papers, a suspicious Walmart employee in Apple Valley reported a man following a mother and daughter school shopping for 25 minutes. Court records show the employee told police it appeared Andrew Tyma was taking photos of the 11-year-old. While he was charged with public nuisance, during their investigation they found child pornography on the devices.

What should you do if you see this happening? I asked Sargent Regis from the Dakota County Sheriff's department who was recently dealing with a case.

"If you believe you are the victim of this or witness it happening. You can call 911. Depending on the circumstances, a crime may have been committed. I would not recommend confronting the person who you suspect of doing it. If it is safe, take a picture of them, if not safe, get a good description and be a good witness. If you see their vehicle that is also important to remember." Sgt. Regis

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, just be aware of your surroundings and remove yourself immediately from situations that seem suspicious or make you uncomfortable.


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