Daniel Radcliffe is not married, despite talking about his "in-laws" and "wife" at the Emmy Awards.

The Harry Potter legend was nominated for his first-ever Emmy, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie, at Monday's (Jan. 15) bash for his portrayal of comedy musician Weird Al Yankovic in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, and he was speaking about how he hoped to impress his partner Erin Darke's parents when he called them his "in laws."

Speaking to Live From E!: Emmys host Laverne Cox on the red carpet at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, he said: "Honestly, the people whose opinions I cared most about the movie were my in-laws. They are huge Weird Al fans and they kind of got me into it. But they were very happy, thank God."

However, a representative for the 34-year-old actor confirmed he and 35-year-old actress Erin, who welcomed a son into the world last April, have not tied the knot.

Daniel recently gushed that he's “just in awe” of being a father.

During a recent appearance on Today, he was asked how he felt about fatherhood, and he replied: “It's awesome. I think I've been, really, I think a lot of people said, 'Just get through the first six months after then after that it gets better.' But I've kind of really enjoyed the first six months.

“I don't know what I imagined, honestly. But it's great. He's incredible and I'm just in awe of my partner.”

The Woman in Black star was also asked how being a parent was by E! News at the premiere of his Broadway play Merrily We Roll Along, to which he summed it up as “terrifying” but “awesome."

He explained: “He's great, it's amazing. There's a short answer and a long answer to that. And the short answer is it's awesome and he's the best thing that's ever happened.

"It's frankly terrifying to have a human being in the world that I care this much about.”

Daniel also gushed over his girlfriend Erin's "beautiful" transition into motherhood.

He said: “Watching my girlfriend become a mom is really the most incredible, beautiful thing to be witness to. So, it's great. It's a crazy thing, but it's also really beautiful.”

Although he is still able to work at the moment, Daniel will be taking a step back from the industry in the future to spend precious time with his family.

He acknowledged: “I'm sure I'm going to probably [cut back on acting] for at least a few years, become a little more selective about how much I work just because I really enjoy spending time with him and I'd like to continue doing that.

“But obviously, I love my job and I'm not going to stop doing that."

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