I love clothes and I love fall! Fall brings this gorgeous palette of colors that just freshen up the landscape and everything around it. This years fall trends really focus on ruffles, cozy big sweaters/cardigans, trench coats (my fav), low cut boots and pumps. I scour the internet (especially Pinterest and Instagram) to find outfits I can mimic - because why reinvent the wheel?



Here's my top 5 picks:

1. These tan suede low cut boots could be paired with leggings or jeans.

2. Trench coat. Perfect for fall layering and unexpected weather. Also, ripped jeans for the win.

3. Ruffled blouse paired with a long skirt and some boots. Comfort meets fashion!

4. Oversized sweater can be paired with anything! Leggings, jeans or some leather pants. Support local business and have someone hand knit a sweater for you!

5. And of course, a true Minnesota girl would be lost without her beanies. Love these outfits!

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