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Just 45 minutes from Rochester, Minnesota there's an underground river! What?! I didn't even know anything like this existed. The underground river is at Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park in Preston and the river is the Root River.

Of course I've heard of the Root River but I had no idea it went underground anywhere. That's where the mystery cave comes in, that's the underground portion of the Root River. Thanks to Only in Your State I learned about this underground portion on the Root River, this is so interesting!

At Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park they have tours of the cave. Sadly, according to the Minnesota DNR website, they aren't doing tours right now, but when the tours come back you can explore the incredible cave. Only in Your State writes that during the cave, "it's possible to hear the water of the South Branch of the Root River flowing into the cave."

Once the Root River has made its trip underground and pops out on the other side, the water is only 48 degrees Fahrenheit because of how much the cave cooled the water down. If you're into fishing, Only in Your State say that the 48-degree water makes it the perfect spot for trout fishing.

Well, I learned something new about Minnesota today, that we have an underground river! That's so cool. If you want to learn even more interesting facts about Minnesota, keep scrolling for 10 facts you probably didn't know about Minnesota.

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