It's not often you hear root beer and milk in the same sentence. It sounds kind of crazy right? Do you think people felt the same way about the now loved chocolate and strawberry flavored milk? I actually thought it was a joke or a marketing tactic for Kwik Trip. Since I needed eggs anyway, I made a pitstop at the closest Kwik Trip to see if I could find it. I sure did!

Rootbeer Milk

Since I'm lactose intolerant I had the hubby do a taste test of this one-of-a-kind milk. I didn't tell him what flavor it was, and surprisingly he didn't pick it out right away. It has a really strong root beer scent, but he didn't catch it. His reaction is priceless. Check out the video below to see how he felt about the surprise flavor.

It actually kind of tastes like a melted root beer float. It's the perfect summer flavor. Enjoy!

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