So you're saying I can take my old stuff that I don't want anymore, and Target will give me a gift card? Is this real life?! 

This seriously made my heart skip a beat. First of all, I didn't even know this was a thing. Secondly, I just spent all weekend working my butt off at a garage sale, and didn't even make that much money. When instead, I could have traded for more Target goodies. This is life changing...

According to Target's website, how it works is "generate quotes for your devices and ship them to us using the prepaid shipping label generated at the end of process. Our customer service experience is second-to-none. Vertically integrated with high capacity, we ensure same-day processing and fast payment, with a no-risk evaluation process."

So what products qualify for trade?

Cell phones, tablets, kindles, other gift cards, games, consoles, watches etc. Click here to see what else qualifies.

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