This time of year you may catch those little red-with-black-spots bugs sneaking into your house. I grew up in Minnesota and was always told that they were ladybugs but then I learned that it's very possible that they're a different bug entirely, even though they look the same!

Apple leaf with ladybug and raindrops in the garden on spring
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Ladybugs vs. Asian Lady Beetles

You've got ladybugs and you also have Asian lady beetles. They look very, very similar but they are, in fact, different bugs.

Asian lady beetles are an invasive species. So if you find one in your house, don't feel bad for killing it. Ladybugs, on the other hand, are great for our gardens and eat unwanted pests, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

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So you don't want to accidentally kill a ladybug, we like them! Here's how you can tell the two apart.

How to Tell Ladybugs Apart from Asian Lady Beetles

Ladybugs are that classic red color whereas Asian lady beetles are more of an orange-y color.

Asian lady beetles also have an 'M' shaped black spot on their heads and ladybugs don't. Lady beetles also have larger white 'cheeks'.

Shannon Potter, Unsplash / Dan Kitwood, Getty Images
Shannon Potter, Unsplash / Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

Asian lady beetles can also sometimes be aggressive and bite. They also can be harmful to dogs, according to a video from FOX 2 Detroit.

Also, if you find a spotted bug in your house, more often than not it's an Asian lady beetle. Ladybugs tend to stay outside where they belong.

So there you go, now you know what to look for when it comes to these guys! I had no idea there were two different species that looked so similar to each other.

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