You're not going to like this.

If you always kinda suspected your parents loved your younger brother or sister more than you... then I have some bad news, because it's probably true! My brother and I have always argued about who mom and dads favorite is and now science has gone and proved what I've always feared.

According to a new survey, a quarter of parents admit they have a favorite child. And here's who it is:

  1. Their youngest child, 56%
  2. Their oldest child, 26%
  3. The middle child, or one of the middle kids, 18%

So what makes them pick a favorite? The majority of them say it's because that kid makes them LAUGH the most... and 41% say it's because their favorite kid reminds them the most of themselves. Here's where I thought I would have the upper hand being the older sibling because I'm definitely BOTH of those, so I'm going to call b.s. on this so-called "study". Granted this study doesn't single out just Minnesota parents, but I thought our "Minnesota Nice" mentality would even the playing field a bit and rule out playing favorites with our kids. I thought wrong.

I even showed my mom this survey and she just laughed at me... so much for getting a straight answer.

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