It wasn't long ago that I had the weirdest, worst experience I've ever had with lip balm. I paid a pretty penny for this small container of balm called Lip Freak. While I do take some blame for not reading more, I still didn't expect this!

Lip Freak is known as the "world's strongest buzzing lip balm!" What does that mean? Yeah, I feel ya. I had not the slightest clue. Honestly, I expected it to be some fast acting, maybe borderline collagen in a bottle type stuff. Boy was I wrong!

Within seconds, I thought my lips were going to fall off. When they say "strongest buzzing lip balm," they mean it. I felt like I had put my lips on a running wash machine, or a really intense massage chair. Hell, even that would be putting it lightly. It was painful. I give them props for longevity, because that pain didn't go away for a LONG time! They continued to buzz for over an hour, regardless of how many times I tried to wash away whatever was attacking my lips.

I guess, if you're in to that sort of thing, it's perfect for you. This is just my personal opinion. There are mixed reviews on Amazon, but still many people feel the same about it as me. I have never seen this in stores in Minnesota. This was a purchase I made in Arizona. A solid waste of the $10 that I accidentally paid for it!

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