Did you know that feeding the geese at Silver Lake is highly discouraged? So many people do it but the popular practice is actually not good for the geese nor is it good for the waterways. We often see people feeding them corn and bread - this is a big no-no and here's why. The Rochester, Minnesota, Stormwater management site shares that the practice of feeding geese not only grossly promotes the production of excessive amounts of feces but it also can cause disease among flocks.

Did you know that one goose produces three pounds of poop daily? That's a lot of poop and that's why there's so much of it in Silver Lake. Geese also show up where food is at and that's why we have more flock to Rochester every year.

The best way to prevent polluted waters is to not feed the geese, pick up your pet's poop and always carry a poop bag with you - disposing of it properly in the trash.

There are ways you can volunteer and help with efforts for cleaner water. You can help by adopting a storm-water pond by cleaning up litter three times a year.

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