If you've spent any time on social media lately you've probably seen posts about Minnesota's new state flag. The old flag was criticized for offensive imagery according to Smithsonian magazine.

The change angered some while others applauded the new design. The new banner features "a North Star on a navy blue background resembling the state’s K-shape, while the right side is a solid light blue." However, unlike its predecessor, it omits the state's official motto.


Do You Know Minnesota's Official State Motto?

Minnesota became the 32nd state in the country on May 11, 1858. Since then lawmakers have adopted several official state symbols.

See the full list of state symbols below including our state bird - the loon, our state fish - the walleye, and our state sport - ice hockey.

Minnesota's legislature approved the state motto back in 1861.

Minnesota welcomes you sign
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L’etoile du Nord (translation: “Star of the North”) became the official state motto in 1861. Henry Sibley chose the motto which would be used on the state seal. The State Legislature approved both the seal and the motto at that time.

Other Minnesota Symbols:

State Bird - Loon
State Drink - Milk
State Fish - Walleye
State Song - Hail! Minnesota
State Fruit - Honeycrisp Apple
State Butterfly - Monarch
State Flower - Pink Lady's Slipper
State Gemstone - Agate
State Grain - Wild Rice
State Muffin - Blueberry
State Mushroom - Morel
State Photograph - Grace
State Sport - Ice Hockey
State Tree- Norway Pine
State Soil - Lester
State Motto - L’etoile du Nord
State Bee - Rusty Patched Bumblebee

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Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

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