Do you think leggings should be banned? United Airlines thinks so. Over the weekend, a couple young girls were headed from Denver to Minneapolis with their dad. They were wearing leggings but didn't make it on the plane because of a rigid rule from United Airlines. Turns out they were "Employee Pass" passengers and, due to their attire, they were deemed non-compliant of the dress code that prohibits spandex. A passenger,  Shannon Watts saw this all go down and took to Twitter with it:

United Airlines responded with a statement regarding their dress code policy:

Which has started this huge debate and backlash from all sides of social media regarding leggings. Some feel leggings are too revealing, some feel leggings are fine. (Can we all agree how darn comfortable leggings are though? And especially during travel!)

What do you think? United Airlines out of line for making the girls cover up or not?

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