An old video of Doja Cat popping and locking in a dance battle has resurfaced online and it's quite entertaining.

Doja Cat's Old Dance Battle Video Resurfaces

On Friday (Oct. 20), a video resurfaced online of a young Doja Cat popping and locking in a fierce dance battle against male dancers. She held her own and showed off her impressive dance skills.

In the video Doja, who is nicknamed Lady Get Down, is a featured dancer with the West Coast Pop Lockers dance troupe. One of her male co-dancers picks her up and places her on the dance floor, then mimics her hand movements like a puppet. Doja breaks free and begins popping and locking.

At one point, she bends over backwards and picks herself up by her own collar. All of it is quite impressive and shows that Doja Cat is multi-talented. You can watch the full video below.

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Doja Cat's Dancing Skills

Doja Cat's old dance clip is taken from an extended video that appeared on ACTIVATE LA's YouTube channel on Aug. 4, 2021. In the three-minute-long visual, a very young Doja Cat is introduced as Lady Get Down and she shows off her impressive popping and locking skills. The dance battle event happened reportedly around 2011.

The brief clip may have surprised some fans who have only known Doja Cat for her music. But the 27-year-old artist has several dance videos on YouTube, including the one you can view below. In that clip, Doja was on Instagram Live showing off her flexibility and footwork during a rehearsal.

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Check out Doja Cat's old dance battle video below.

Watch Doja Cat Popping and Locking in Dance Battle

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