The Mayo Clinic family and Rochester community are mourning the loss of an amazing person and rallying together to show their support to his family. A Go Fund Me Page was set up and donations are pouring in - Find the link to that page and see how much has been donated to date at the bottom of this story.

Stephen Pieper was killed in a tragic biking accident earlier this week in rural Rochester. The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office responded to the fatal crash that occurred just west of Rochester on Tuesday, June 22nd. According to KROC News, 48-year-old  Pieper was riding west on Country Club Rd SW in rural Rochester when he ran into the side of the truck and slid under the vehicle. Pieper - who was wearing a helmet -  died at the scene.

Stephen Pieper worked at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. He was a Mayo Clinic Nurse Anesthetist, and by all accounts, was an amazing human being. The Go Fund Me Page describes Pieper as, “a loving husband and father, amazing son, great friend, and beloved coworker."

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steve pieper go fund me
steve pieper go fund me

Within 24 hours of being up, the memorial-fund raised over $54,000, the donations are now closing in on $60,000. This Go Fund Me page has been shared over 2,000 times with more than 500 people donating. Several have left comments about how great of a person Stephen was.

  • Tim wrote: "Praying for the Pieper family. Steve was a great person and a caring anesthetist."
  • Sara commented: "Thoughts and prayers to Steve’s family. He was an exceptional human being! He will be greatly missed."


To learn more, make a donation to Stephen’s family, or simply leave a comment you can visit this Go Fund Me Page here. All money raised will be given to Pieper's family.

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