Tuesday, September 25th is a day Shayla Heggestad from Glenville will never forget. She received a high-pressure call that morning with a trip to Hollywood on the line. The call didn't come from an agent or a producer; it came from us. Shayla had successfully qualified at kroc.com but needed to answer one simple question on-air, in order to win a trip to see The Voice live in LA from KTTC and 106.9 KROC.

Shayla said she was on her way to school and wasn't expecting a phone call so she was definitely caught off guard. She wasn't rattled though and without missing a beat successfully answered Dunken & Samm's trivia question. Hours later she came by the 106.9 KROC studios to fill out her travel paperwork and was still in shock.

kroc voice winner

Shayla and a guest will fly out to Los Angeles, be put up in a nice hotel, and receive tickets to a live taping of The Voice later this year. See more VIP winners here. And, listen to 106.9 KROC every day this week at 7:30a, 12:30p, and 3:30 to Win Cash - up to $5,000! You could plan a sweet trip of your own with 5-grand!

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