Dua Lipa gave fans the ultimate mic drop at a recent show when her upbeat onstage energy led to an adorable mishap, leaving her without her microphone on stage in the middle of her biggest hit.

The "Levitating" singer handled the fumble like a total pro.

In a video shared on Twitter by user @DemeSoRad, we see Dua, wearing a neon green bodysuit, hit every choreographed mark on stage while her dancers sweep around her in a memorizing umbrella routine.

"Practice makes perfect / I'm still trying to learn it by heart," Dua sings, performing her 2017 smash hit "New Rules."

All of a sudden, the mic slips from her hand toward the audience.

The singer confidently sashays toward the crowd in an attempt to recover her mic, which has rolled off the stage — but it's too late, and no one can seem to find it.

Though the mic is lost in the crowd, Dua takes it all in stride and laughs with fans before offering a lighthearted shrug as she continues to dance to the music.

Thankfully, a quick-thinking stagehand comes to her rescue, bringing the unbothered queen a brand new microphone just as the stage lights dim.

When the stage lights return, fans shriek as Dua is illuminated with her mighty mic back in hand, and her voice booms through the venue as she picks back up on the iconic chorus.

See the footage of Dua Lipa's onstage mic mishap for yourself below:

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