Yesterday I was out picking weeds when my neighbor Al pulled up on the bike in the picture above. He asked if I wanted to test ride his new eBike - Ummm yeah! I wasn't even sure what an eBike was, but I'm a guy so I'll never pass on the chance to ride/drive anything, when offered the chance.

Al is a Velofix rep. Velofix sells these and other bikes. They also specialize in bike repair and they are a mobile shop which means their mechanic comes to you to fix your bike. You can learn more about Velofix, here. Here's what Al had to say about the bike:

I rode it up and down the street. The pedal assist was cool and I really liked the throttle. You seriously just push a button and the bike accelerates to 20 MPH. This bike would be great for commuting to work. The battery will take you 90 miles on a single charge!


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