In our house, the tree goes up shortly after Thanksgiving, and comes down the day after Christmas. Getting rid of the tree can be a hassle though. 

For many years, I would load the tree up in my SUV, and take it over to the Recycling Center. The problem with doing it this way, was the mess left behind in my car, and the fact that I'm kind of lazy.

Last year, I found the perfect solution.  The Boy Scouts!

The Boy Scouts will come to your house and take your tree away. All you need to do is have it waiting for them on the curb. You can do that, right?

Boy Scout Troop 21 of Rochester will be picking up trees on Saturday, January 7th. They say they are not doing this for money. (I stapled a check for $10 on my tree last year - figured it was the least I could do) The troop says that community service projects like this help them learn how to plan and do projects. They don't expect compensation but would like you to "pay it forward."

To get on their list email your name and address to trees@t21mn.netThen make sure to put your tree at the end of driveway by 8 AM on the January, 7th and they'll do the rest. 

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