A decade ago, Ed Sheeran was living in Nashville, working on music and regularly attending Santa's Pub for their $1 PBRs and karaoke nights. He recently relived his Music City era after a tour stop at Nissan Stadium.

In a video shared on social media, Sheeran is seen singing his heart out to the Backstreet Boys' "I Want it That Way" while the crowd enthusiastically sings along. In addition to recreating the past, he had something to celebrate as well.

"Celebrating breaking the attendance record at Nissan stadium in Nashville tonight at Santa's Pub," he writes alongside the video. "When I lived here this was the spot and it still is. Karaoke caravan and cheap beer, what’s not to love?"

The singer-songwriter may be spending more time in Music City in the future. Sheeran is considering making the move to country music. While preparing to perform at the 58th annual ACM Awards in May, he expressed his admiration for the genre.

"I talk about this to my wife all the time. I would love to transition into country,” he told Billboard at the time. "I love the culture of it, I just love the songwriting. It’s just like brilliant songs."

Sheeran also shared his love for the city itself.

"It’s not just for country music," he explains. "Nashville is just a hub of incredible songwriters, incredible performers. And I really felt inspired just being there being around everyone."

Sheeran's already started making some powerful friends in the country genre, like Luke Combs, whom he's shared the stage with a couple times recently. At the 2023 ACM Awards ceremony, Sheeran and Combs sang a duet version of Sheeran's recently-released song, "Life Goes On."

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