Now you can have your cake and drink it too! Or something like that.

Minneapolis' Fair State Co-op, which created a coconut and vanilla-flavored Vegan Milkshake IPA called Cake Drinker, has teamed up with the City of Edina to sell the concoction to eager beer lovers:


However, what's really fun about all this is that it's also a fun poke at a long standing jab at the city in which their residents take on the term "Cake-Eater".

What's that? For those who haven't grown up in Minnesota, it actually refers to people who live in the city of Edina and is used to describe suburban spoiled and or rich kids as opposed to the poorer neighboring suburbs or city kids. I believe the term also started with The Mighty Ducks too, but I could be wrong?

Classic!  Anyways, according to City Pages you can only try the new Cake Drinker beer at Fair State's taproom or at Edina Liquor, the city's chain of municipal liquor stores.

I'm by no means a beer snob, and I'm definitely not above any fruity or novelty-style brews, so I'd love to try this latest concoction very soon!

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