No more messy dyes! Here's a cool mess free way to decorate your Easter eggs. It's called The EggMazing and it could be yours for a mere $49! There's a cool backstory to this. The creator, Scott Houdashell, started a kickstarter last November to get his creation rolling. He shares on the page that it took two years from start to finish to get The EggMazing into the hands of eager families. And apparently there were lots of eager families scrambling to get the hottest trending egg decorating awesomeness because the price of it used to be $19.99. A review left on explained further:

Cons: Seems consumers were late to the game on this product. Yes, they were listed for $19.99 via but quickly sold out. I saw a video for this thing in action on FB & bought here for $35. The video must have went viral, because they sold out here, quick. Once re-stocked & they saw how fast it was selling, the price was jacked up to $50.


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