If you have not seen the documentary Embrace on Netflix yet, you should. Embrace is a documentary that showcases what it is like to live in a world with extreme standards on how women and girls should look. Taryn Brumfitt goes on a journey of self-discovery on her challenges with losing weight and how it owned her life until she decided no more.

The image you see above is one she posted on social media to confront the pressures of having a perfect body especially after having children. The response was huge.

She started the body image movement where she encourages women to embrace and except their bodies fully. The documentary is a remarkable project that provides a platform for women to express their own journey of self-acceptance. I plan to do something more on this body image movement with a few friends but first, I hope you join me in watching the documentary (again, it’s free on Netflix) and be a part of the discussion related to it. Let me know what you think after you watch it and lets help change what the world sets as a standard on our bodies.

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