It's already that time of year when announcements for state fairs are starting to come out. Discounted tickets for the Minnesota State Fair were (or still are?) available recently. And now the Iowa State Fair has made their first big grandstand announcement for 2023!

While I'm one of the biggest Minnesota State Fair fans you'll ever meet, I have to admit, I think the Iowa State Fair gets better grandstand performers. Sorry! I said it! But this first grandstand performer that was announced for the Iowa State Fair just adds to my argument.

Iowa State Fair Returns After A Year Off Due To COVID-19 Pandemic
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Iowa State Fair Grandstand Performer for 2023

I would love to go see this person at the fair (clue one: it's a person, not a band). And he's definitely a big deal (clue two: it's a guy). And country music fans are going to flip out (clue three: he's a country singer).

Who is it?!

The one and only, the Chief, Eric Church will be performing at the Iowa State Fair next year! I told you this was a big deal. It was just announced on the Iowa State Fair's social media this morning.

57th Academy Of Country Music Awards - Show
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Eric Church Performing at the Iowa State Fair Grandstand

Eric Church will take the stage on Sunday, August 13th but the tickets go on sale super soon. If you're interested in getting tickets to see the Chief, they go on sale on the state fair's website on Friday, December 9th at 10 AM. Tickets start at $60.

I can't wait to see who else will perform at the Iowa State Fair and who will be announced for the Minnesota State Fair as well!

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