The average mom says she only gets an hour and seven minutes of "free-time" each day and let's be honest her mind is probably racing planning for the next day during that time. A new survey reveals the average mom is exhausted.

The results show a mom with a full-time job works 98 hours per week between their job and taking care of her family and house. 98 HOURS!  Average moms start their day at 6:23 AM and don't finish working or taking care of their kids and husband until 8:31 PM.

Your mom deserves more than a card! Make sure to treat your mom to something really nice this Mother's Day and please don't make her cook on Sunday. Take her to one of these Rochester brunches.

The moms that took part in this survey were asked how they do it and ranked the items below as their top "life-savers"

1) coffee

2) babysitters

3) wine,

4) Netflix

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