Sometimes the best things come in small sizes, and that's certainly true when looking at the very best rural towns in Minnesota.

Recently, The World According to Briggs compiled the Top-Ten Best Rural Towns in all of Minnesota, and number one on the list is a picturesque town, surrounded by some of the best farmland in the U.S.

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How Was This List Determined?

In order to find the Best Rural Towns in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, The World According to Briggs looked at four key factors, including crime rate, distance from major metropolitan areas, access to good healthcare, and above-average internet speeds.

Where Is The Best Rural Town In Minnesota?

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Goodhue, Minnesota, population 1,191, takes the top spot on the list.

Goodhue is nestled between Rochester and the Twin Cities but has enough amenities to cover most of the residents' basic needs. It also has a crime rate that is 86 percent lower than the average, higher than average internet, and several health care facilities in the area to choose from.

What other rural towns made the list? Here are the top 7 rural towns in the entire Land of Ten Thousand Lakes:

  1. Goodhue
  2. Marshall
  3. Bagley
  4. Granite Falls
  5. Long Prairie
  6. Hutchinson
  7. Crookston

To see the full list, check out the YouTube video from the World According to Briggs below.

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