A post has gone viral on Facebook regarding a possible scammer at Rochester grocery stores. The post, which you can read in its entirety below, describes the man as being in his "30-40s with a thick Hispanic accent."

He was making small talk, but started asking too many questions, and got a bit too insistent. So we ended the conversation and he disappears into thin air. Aldi’s clerk comes up 5 seconds later and says, “Watch your credit cards, he has a card skimmer and he’s been here the last 3 days doing this.”

So 20 mins later we’re at Hy-Vee and there he is, asking people the same personal questions. So I confronted him. He didn’t even deny it. Poof, disappears again.

We reached out to the Rochester Police Department for confirmation today and they said they have received calls about the man asking questions, but no one has reported anything stolen, and after investigating the RPD wasn't able to find any card skimmers.

If you've had a similar experience you're asked to contact the RPD.

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