It was an extremely windy night in Rochester, with wind gusts reaching in excess of 40 miles per hour. And that wind wreaked havoc across Rochester, including on this street in the southeast part of town.

The wind toppled this giant tree along 8th Avenue Southeast, snapping off about ten feet up the tree's trunk and ending up smashed across the road. Along with the tree mess, law enforcement officials on-site this morning thought that when the tree fell it may have taken out a power line that was still active. If so, that would create an additional hazardous situation at the site.

The strong winds affected loose materials across Rochester throughout the night and into this morning. Besides the fallen tree in southeast Rochester, there were various objects that had been moved by the strong gusts that blew through town. Check out photos of the downed tree and power line, as well as other photos of items the wind threw around.

Have you got some photos showing how the wind affected you? Share them with us! here are a few more photos of tree damage and newspaper boxes blown over...

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