Check your taco, there could be a piece of hardware in it. That's the advice from Michael Bingham, in Fargo, North Dakota, who knows a little something about finding hardware in your fast food.

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According to Valley News Live, Michael Bingham and his girlfriend were at a Fargo Taco Bell, ordered their food, went home, sat down to eat, took a bite, and...heyyyyy, that crunch wasn't the hard shell taco.

"I tried to dig it out to see what it was, and it was this little screw or bolt,” he says." (Source)

He gave the whole taco a once over and didn't find any more. Apparently, when he called Taco Bell, the manager didn't believe him, but the employee on the phone felt bad and wanted to make it right.

That was offering coupons and a refund to use on his next visit. Which, since the guy wasn't hurt, is pretty decent, isn't it?

This Reminds Me of the Cinamon Toast Shrimp Crunch Story

Quick Country's Curt St. John wrote about it back in March 2021...

Such it is for Jensen Karp. Bring Me The News says (Jensen Karp is) a comedian out in Los Angeles...He alleges he found shrimp tails in his box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is made by General Mills. They're, of course, one of Minnesota's own Fortune 500 companies, headquartered in Golden Valley, about an hour and half northwest of Rochester.

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Bring Me The News says Karp originally posted the picture of the shrimp tails on Monday afternoon. But his continuing contact with General Mills-- and the Internet's reaction to it-- went viral most of the day Tuesday.

General Mills originally apologized to Karp and offered to send him a replacement box, noting that what he thought were shrimp tails were actually "an accumulation of the cinnamon sugar that sometimes can occur," the story said.

Well, as you might guess, THAT didn't go over very well. And Karp kept posting his responses on his Twitter page as the Internet continued to note the disagreement, and continued to post some pretty funny reactions. (I especially got a kick out of the Tweet that said it must have been a case of corporate sabotage at the hands of cereal rival, Captain Crunch.)


So, yeah, watch your food. Maybe you'll find a screw, a shrimp tail, or a bunch of hardened cinnamon sugar.

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There's a Hotel Inside Saint Mary's Hospital? Yep!

It is pretty darn fancy, too.

SEE The Suites at St. Mary's (Hospital Mayo Clinic)

According to their website...

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