Homeopathic teething tablets may include a plant that causes babies to hallucinate.

I've come to learn as a parent that whether you try to or not, you're constantly comparing your kid to other kids.  How soon they learn to crawl, the clothes they wear - everything.

None of it's negative of course, at least with my wife and I, but we like to compare situations with our friends who are also new parents to see when their kids went through different phases in their lives.

Well it's finally happening after 9 1/2 months - my daughter is finally teething!  She cut her first tooth last Friday and we couldn't be more excited.  Although now the real "fun" begins with trying to keep her calm and comfortable as they all start to come in.

We've already been using a couple things like special teether's you freeze in the freezer, along with rubber teething rings and the occasional dose of Tylenol if the pain gets really bad for her.

As I was googling other remedies for teething, I came across this report from US Food and Drug Administration that warns caregivers to stop using homeopathic teething tablets and gels.

One popular brand, Hyland's, is baulking at the report despite the fact their product is being removed from the shelves of popular retailers selling it.

Some of the symptoms in some, but not all children who take these teething tablets, include seizures, difficulty breathing, and excess sleepiness.

See the report below for more:

Here is a reaction caught on video from an 8-month old...

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