A few days ago, I picked up my daughter from school. When she got in the car, she mentioned right away something amazing happened at school. I peered into the rear view mirror and said “Well! Let’s hear it” excited for her to share what happened.

A boy she didn’t know came up to her verifying her name. Once he knew for sure it was her, he gave her a random act of kindness. He said “I hear your Mom on 106.9 KROC FM and she talks about #kindness. My family loves your mom. I wanted to do something for you.”

First - I am totally overjoyed that someone would be so kind to to my kid. She said it really made her day. That means a lot to me that sharing about kindness is really connecting people.

Second - I’d really would love to know who this family is. From what D said he shared, I  think we’re connected on Facebook too. If you're reading this and it was you and your son, please please please let me know. You touched my kids life in an immense way (and mine too). You inspired her big time. This sort of stuff re-inspires me to keep pushing the kindness message not for anything in return but that it’s resonating with people. To think a young man would be so gracious to go out of his way to make my daughters day, it’s extraordinary. Thank you for that. I would love to hug your entire family and speak to you in person. Please let me know or email me.

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