Wishes can come true!

In 2015, 10 lucky people won a box of “Marshmallow Only” Lucky Charms through a social media sweepstakes. But apparently, 10 boxes just weren't enough.

So this year Minnesota-based General Mills has decided to go big, unleashing 10,000 boxes of Lucky Charms marshmallows.

All you have to do is find a specially-marked box of Lucky Charms, check the code inside the box and enter the 14-digit number at MarshmallowOnly.com to see if you're a lucky winner.

If you are lucky enough to have a winning code, you’ll receive a special Lucky Charms Marshmallows box in the mail a few weeks after entering it on the website.

For more information, be sure and hit up Lucky Charms’ Facebook,Twitter or Instagram pages.

In case you don't score yourself one of the 10,000 limited-edition boxes, you can always head over to Amazon and pick up a 1-pound bag of colored marshmallows for $10.99!

Growing up, I was never a huge fan of the 'marshmallow'-type cereals that were out there, but my brother loved Lucky Charms so our parents would splurge on a box from time to time. Hopefully he can get a hold of one of these special boxes for old times sake.

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