This is one of the coolest, most patriotic projects I've seen in a while. Over the span of 20 years, he has been creating these masterpieces. He created The Freedom Rock Tour with a goal of painting a boulder in each of Iowa’s 99 counties – and, eventually, all 50 states. He's currently created boulder creations in 74 Iowa counties, three Missouri communities and another in Wisconsin.

“It’s something I love to do,” Sorensen said. “I love to be able to say thank you to our veterans and show them we appreciate them.”


Partners at the Kasson Legion right on Main Street wanted their own masterpiece and have raised funds to get him here. Sorensen chose four primary images for Kasson’s Freedom Rock, among them the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, which had a recruiting station in nearby Wasioja.


Opposite the 1st Minnesota, is Air Force chaplain Russell Blaisdell of Hayfield, Minnesota who organized the “Kiddy Car” airlift of nearly 1000 Korean War orphans. Of course he had to throw in one of our landmarks, SPAM! Checkout his website for more masterpieces!




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