Nearly 6-months after hanging a "coming soon" sign, First Meeting- Chinese Fresh Hand-Pulled Noodles is ready to open. A post on the restaurant’s Facebook page says getting everything ready to launch the eatery was challenging with lots of "difficulties" but the restaurant is finally ready to serve customers.

I'm very excited to check this place out. The restaurant owners have shared pictures of the food they will be serving and it looks delicious. See those pictures and check out their full menu below.

Where Is First Meeting- Chinese Fresh Hand-Pulled Noodles in Rochester?

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Chinese hand-pulled noodles are known for their fine taste and are prepared using different techniques (hand-pulled and knife-shaved). A variety of spices and ingredients are used to optimize the flavor.

What Will First Meeting Noodle in Rochester Serve?

The restaurant says they will offer some of the best, authentic dishes:

LanZhou beef noodle soup and ShanXi shaved noodle soup are considered one of the top 10 noodle dishes in China.  Lanzhou beef noodle soup is characterized by its clear beef soup, white radish, red chili sauce, green cilantro & scallion and yellow noodle. ShanXi shaved noodle soup is also very popular with the chewiness of the noodle and thick soup flavor. The noodle master will shave the noodle into a certain thickness, also make very nutritional soup to achieve the best taste.


When Is First Meeting- Chinese Fresh Hand-Pulled Noodles Opening in Rochester?

The wait to try this new restaurant is almost over. The owners say the grand opening will be Sunday, January 16th.

You can see the full menu below.


The food looks amazing, right?!?



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