Ford is out to determine how the technology they use in their vehicles could be applied to help other situations. Their first prototype is absolutely brilliant. Every time a holiday that's celebrated with fireworks is near, we talk about the effects it has on our dogs. My dog has panic attacks whenever she hears fireworks - it's terrifying. Ford is hoping that their technology will help.

Their thought: "Could dogs enjoy quieter New Year’s Eve celebrations through the application of our Active Noise Control system?" - Ford.

So they created a Noise-Canceling Kennel! The design "detects noise and transmits opposing frequencies. In addition to noise cancellation, the structure also has a soundproofing component and an automatic door."


Unfortunately, this is just a prototype. The Noise-Canceling Kennel is not being produced, nor is it available to buy, YET. According to their statement, Ford is open to the idea of someone producing the product. Get on it! I'd be the first in line.

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